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Scripture Hebrews 1:1-5  image

I have heard it said that, ” If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.” This quote from a popular country song from some years ago is true. It is the polar opposite of so much of the sentiment expressed in our culture today when people say things like, ” Just follow your heart,”, or, ” You need to find what is right for you,”, or, ” That may be true for you but not necessarily for me,”, or, ” Its whatever makes you happy.”. All these statements may sound very good and I can see how appealing it would be to listen to such things especially when life presents us with tough choices but how would it look if I truly based my life on such a shifting foundation? I think a fair example would be the TV and movie approach to relationships. If my marriage is based on, ” Whatever makes you happy., how long would it last? Likely not past the first major crisis. Certainly a successful long term marriage would prove virtually impossible in the face of personal sacrifice. How long would I be willing to put the oters person’s needs above my own living under this code of ethics since the whole belief system is based on My happiness and comfort? Not long.

Inversely if I have made a decision to stand for my marriage because I deem its value to be greater than momentary self gratification then my chances of long term success are very high.

Now look at life, the big picture through this corrective lense of truth. God has spoken to us and not in a vague or uncertain way. His Word is fixed and trustworthy. There are many good reasons for believing this and perhaps at another time we will look deeper into this subject but for now let the point stand. Do we stand with the Word of God or will we fall for the retoric of the day? To say there is no truth makes no sense at all. The logic equals someone trying to convince me that two plus two is not four but some other number when I know surely that the answer to the equation has always been four, is still four and will always be four and yet the more complex the issue the less it seems that any set standard by which to make good choices applies. Don’t fall for it! god has spoken. He has spoken a Word for our families. Will you stand with the Word of God? If not you will fall for a good sounding philosophy that in the end will prove to be a destructive force tearing your family apart fom the insicde. I encourage you today to know God’s Son and follow Him.

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